Dr Thomas Davies


Thomas has researched the ecological impacts of artificial light at night for more than a decade, specializing in how marine ecosystems are responding to the changing lightscapes of our oceans. He was Principal Investigator of the Natural Environment Research Council funded Artificial Light Impacts on Coastal Ecosystems (ALICE) project (2019-2024) and is a co-investigator on the Horizon Europe funded Aquatic Pollution from Light and Noise (AquaPLAN) project (2024-2028). In 2023 he cofounded GO-ALANN with Dr Tim Smyth to provide a central resource for understanding and managing the impacts of light pollution in the sea.

Primary Institution
University of Plymouth
Co-Founder of GOALANN (2024- Co-Investigator on the AquaPLAN project (2024-2028) Lead Investigator on the ALICE project (2019-2024) Lecturer in Marine Conservation, University of Plymouth (2020-) Independent Research Fellow, Bangor University (2018-2020)

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