Light pollution and seabirds: effects of intensity and spectrum of artificial light on a fatal attraction (LightingBirds)

Project Description
Seabird attraction to artificial light causes mortality as grounded birds are vulnerable to starvation, predation, dehydration and vehicle collision. To mitigate light-induced mortality, rescue campaigns are established, but information on how and why seabirds are impacted by light pollution could be useful to manage the changing lightscape of coastal tourist cities. We address the general objective of evaluating the impact of intensity and spectrum of artificial lights, choosing a model species of seabird, Cory’s shearwater. The objectives are to test the effect of artificial light intensity and spectrum on commuting flights and colony attendance of breeders; to test the effect of intensity of artificial light on the number of grounded fledglings; and to study the spatial distribution of fledgling groundings to estimate, predict and map the impact of such contamination.
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Project Details

Principal Investigator : Airam Rodríguez

Project Duration : 36 Months

Project Status : Active

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