Elena Maggi


Elena is an experimental field ecologist with almost 25 years of experience in research on the consequences of loss of biodiversity, climate change (including extreme events) and anthropogenic disturbance on macroalgal, invertebrate and biofilm assemblages, mostly on hard bottom coastal habitats. During the last decade she focused her research activity on the role of artificial light at night in structuring and/or modifying marine trophic networks in a variety of marine systems. She is the coordinator of the EU Horizon Europe funded project AquaPLAN – Aquatic Pollution from Light and Anthropogenic Noise: Management of Impacts on Biodiversity (2024-2027).

Primary Institution
University of Pisa
Coordinator of the Horizon Europe funded project AquaPLAN (2024- ) Associate Professor in Ecology at the Department of Biology – University of Pisa (2021 – )

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